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Comedy Central Presents

Last Comic Standing

Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
March 20 - 23

Dan Cummins
PG-18: Language or sexual content

Ticket Prices

$8 Thursday, 8:00pm (03/20) 18 and up show College & Military Night $4 with ID

$14 Friday, 8:00pm (03/21) 18 and up show

$14 Friday, 10:30pm (03/21) 18 and up show

$14 Saturday, 8:00pm (03/22) 21 and up show Sold Out!

$14 Saturday, 10:30pm (03/22) 21 and up show Sold Out!

$8 Sunday, 8:00pm (03/23) 18 and up show

"He deadpans his way through observational humor furiously fast with razor sharp delivery... This Portland set at the Helium Comedy Club shows Cummins tightening his craft of being a venomous smart ass, and builds on the strengths of his debut Comedy Central album... Cummins bafflement about his prophet-like six-year old and thuggish baby sister is hilarous." - Itunes "Hear This!" album review

"A lot of care and time when into making this album, in every aspect, and it shows. It’s a great project from a very funny comedian and I can’t recommend it enough. Hear this. Hear this now." - comedy-reviews.com's review of "Hear This!"

"Dan Cummins debuted in 2009 with his album Revenge is Near and followed it up last year with Crazy with a Capital F.  In his third ablum he proves that he is one of the most effectively prouctive comedians performing stand-up today." - Nate Rankin, Americascomedy.com's review of "Hear This!"

“Revenge is Near announces the presence of a distinct voice in comedy.  That’s not an easy thing to do right of the gate, but it’s the reason Cummins’ belongs alongside the other comics on this list.”  – Patrick Bromley, from About.com’s  “The Best Debut Comedy Albums of 2009″

“We love Dan Cummins, plain and simple.  Crazy with a Capital F (is) another smart, endearing, and sarcastic soaked set.” – Punchline Magazine.com’s “The 10 Must Have Stand-up DVDs from 2010″

“Cummins’ comedy runs more on bizarre than classical, more on oddity than traditional comedy. And thank goodness for that — good comedy thrives on the new, on the fresh. Too many comedians, after all, articulate what “everybody else is thinking.” Cummins says what nobody else but him is thinking.” – The Inlander’s review of Crazy with a Capital F, by Daniel Walters

“Here’s why we dig Dan Cummins: We’ve seen a table full of Blue-Collar-Comedy fans elbow to elbow with college-aged hipsters and all of them were doubled over in laughter at the same Cummins bit. That’s not always easy to do. The fact is, Cummins smartly writes to a broad audience, but his own intelligence and cleverness never gets lost in the mix. As a result, comedy nerds can still geek out on subject matter or how a phrase is turned. Top it all off with a giant dollop of unassuming likability. We say it’s a win.” – Lastgascomedy.com

In the last five years, Dan has released two critically and commercially successful CDs on Warner Brothers Records, Revenge is Near, and Crazy with Capital F, both debuting in the top 10 of the Billboard Comedy Charts, and both making numerous year end top 10 lists, including Itunes Rewind’s Best Comedy CDs of 2010.  He’s also toured relentlessly, bringing his jokes to over 200 colleges, clubs, theaters, and the world’s most prestigious comedy festivals, including two trips to the Montreal Comedy Festival.  In addition to headlining live shows from Maine to Alaska, Dan’s also made numerous televised stand-up appearances, including performances on The Tonight Show, The Late, Late Show, Last Comic Standing, and numerous Comedy Central programs, including both a half-hour special, Comedy Central Presents Dan Cummins, and an hour-long comedy special, Crazy with a Capital F.  One of the most prolific writers on the national scene, Dan continues to craft new jokes and stories, and bring them to countless audiences in his quest to build a fan base large enough to pack clubs and theaters in whatever town he chooses to travel to, just to hear whatever he has to say.  So do yourself a favor, and start listening.

Host / MC: John Schroeck

Show Begins @ 8:00 pm
Doors @ 7:00 pm
18 and up show

Show Begins @ 8:00 pm
Doors @ 7:00 pm
18 and up show

Show Begins @ 7:30 pm &
10:00 pm
Doors @ 6:30 pm & 9:20 pm
18 and up show

Show Begins @ 7:30 pm &
10:00 pm
Doors @ 6:30 pm & 9:20 pm
21 and up show

Show Begins @ 8:00 pm
Doors @ 7:00 pm

* Comedians, prices & show
times subject to change.

* All shows are 18 and up,
unless otherwise noted.