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howard stern

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February 28 - March 2

Doug Stanhope
RR: Strong language, sexual, offensive

Doug is quite possibly the most twisted, brilliant, funny, dark, offensive, and lovable comic you will ever see. It seems like an odd combination but if you like a strong opinion and don't take offense too easily then Doug is for you. Doug is definitely an innovator on the darker side of comedy that you won't get on Comedy Central. Come out and see what comedy is really about! This show is sick!

Special Engagement
No Coupons or Passes Accepted

Ticket Prices

$18 Thursday, 8:00pm (02/28) 18 and up show

$22 Friday, 8:00pm (03/01) 18 and up show

$22 Friday, 10:30pm (03/01) 18 and up show

$22 Saturday, 8:00pm (03/02) 21 and up show Sold Out!

$22 Saturday, 10:30pm (03/02) 21 and up show Sold Out!

--------------------------IMPORTANT NOTICE--------------------------
All shows for Doug Stanhope will sell out fast! Please purchase your tickets ASAP to guarantee your seats.

Go Bananas Comedy Club operates on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SEAT BASIS for all parties and the showroom will fill in extremely fast. We recommend and highly appreciate that ALL parties arrive no later than 45 minutes prior to your showtime to secure the best available seating for your group.

hen Doug Stanhope first performed stand-up comedy in Las Vegas in 1990, all he was hoping to accomplish was free beer and maybe the attention of chicks who wouldn't otherwise talk to him. Regardless of his successes, his ambitions remain mostly the same.

Stanhope has been described as a free-thinking nihilist, a vulgar miseriblist, a self-indulgent, drunken washout and a deviant, misanthropic Charles Kuralt. His material ranges from true-life graphic perversion to volatile social criticism. He's also a bit of a boozehound.

He has compiled a wide-ranging television career of dubious achievement. The better of them include Fox's "Invasion of the Hidden Cameras," NBC's "Spy TV," Comedy Central's "Comedy Central Presents" as well as his several appearances on "The Howard Stern Show". International appearances include "Glass House" in Australia, "The Comedy Factory" in Rotterdam, Netherlands and BBC's "Floor Show Live" in the UK. Random appearances on CNBC's "Dennis Miller Show", "The Jerry Springer Show", "Fox News with Greta Van Sustern" and "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" have all made for good stories and a ridiculous life. Stanhope also appeared in the film "The Aristocrats!"

He has released three CDs - "Sicko," Something To Take The Edge Off," and "Die Laughing" as well as two DVDs, "Word of Mouth" and Deadbeat Hero".

His hour-long and uncensored Showtime special and DVD "Doug Stanhope: No Refunds" is due for release in August 03, 2007.

Doug has appeared at every major comedy festival including Montreal's "Just For Laughs", Aspen's "US Comedy Arts Festival," the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where where he won the Strathmore Press Award in 2002 and the Kilkenny Comedy Festival where in 2006 he left Ireland to the tabloid front-page headline "Irish women are too ugly to rape! Comic booed after shocking festival jibe.''

In 2002, he was named as one of the Top Ten Comics To Watch by both Variety and the Hollywood Reporter. In 2206, Time Out New York voted him Best Performance of 2206.

Doug Stanhope resides in Bisbee, AZ on the Mexican border with his shaved-headed lady-boy-girl Bingo and an unruly dog named Ichabod, looking for the next pile to step in.

Host / MC: Geoff Tate

Show Begins @ 8:00 pm
Doors @ 7:00 pm
18 and up show

Show Begins @ 8:00 pm
Doors @ 7:00 pm
18 and up show

Show Begins @ 7:30 pm &
10:00 pm
Doors @ 6:30 pm & 9:20 pm
18 and up show

Show Begins @ 7:30 pm &
10:00 pm
Doors @ 6:30 pm & 9:20 pm
21 and up show

Show Begins @ 8:00 pm
Doors @ 7:00 pm

* Comedians, prices & show
times subject to change.

* All shows are 18 and up,
unless otherwise noted.